J/80s wanted for Irish fleet

The expected upsurge in interest for J/80s in Ireland following a ‘declaration of intent’ to expand activities by the existing fleet means that lots of eyes will be searching Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe for boats coming on the market.

Former Commodore of the Irish Cruiser Racing Association and now J/80 owner Norbert Reilly explained that ‘this is a window of opportunity for lots of keelboat sailors who want to be a part of the development of the class in Ireland and as many existing owners in the UK and Europe consider a step to owning J/70s’. Whilst the newer design J/70 is gaining critical mass in many locations around Europe, it’s seen to be a slightly trickier boat to sail and with a price of about €50,000, it doesn’t afford the same value to an Irish buyer who might have a nice one-design racing keelboat, but will find it difficult to rally a decent-size class to race with.

According to the International J/80 Class Association, there are more than 1600 J/80s sailing in 30 fleets and in 12 countries. To help encourage ownership and participation in J/80 events by all sailors, the J/80 International Class Rules are written ‘to keep the fun up and the costs down’. The rules specify a three sail limitation and the crew weight limit only applies if there are more than three people on board. 

If you have a J/80 for sale and you would like to use the current market opportunity to sell it, contact us and we’ll put you directly in touch with keen prospective owners.

Contact details here


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